Our business description


Characteristics of our Company

Software development for telecommunications is related to the development of telephone system.
= There is a sense of responsibility and accomplishment for treating with social infrastructure.
= Also, you can be a end user(Person who actually uses developed products) and check the product’s performance.
Our employees themselves are working with independence. Usually, most employees are concentrate on keeping their tasks. However our corporate culture that we don’t make someone charged with heavy task alone. Because there is a system of consulting and cooperating with seniors and managers, so enployee don’t need to feel worrying alone.

Business description

Laurel primarily works with telecommunications business and provides services such as from system planning, development, system maintenance and operation.
To meet our customers needs, we are developing the system with
our system engineers (Someone who designs systems)
and programmers.(Someone who makes systems)
It’s a job that connects people. There’s a lot of work to be done, but when you’re done, you can feel the joy. When we think the project relates to people’s life and better world, we feel motivated and energized at work.

Task flow

Always work as a team.
・Leader supports members.
・Each team is supported by the team manager.
・Each department is supported by the department manager.
Company supports all member.

An example

【Jun.】I entered the site in June. The first thing I did is to greet the team members that will be working with, after that I got general guidance and explanation of the facility. Greetings are very important, as more people will be involved at once.

After I did a PC setup and self-study, I started reading development related documents (drafts) to study the terminology of telecommunication.

Then one month later, I started reading the source code to trace movement. At the same time, I also did system tests while taking notes.

【Aug.】After I finished reading the functional design specification I was able to find out what to do, I also read written document to check that there are any improvements.

【Oct.】When devements started, i made a functional document specification included flow chart. It is very a important work. So I repeated the review to check if there were any faults in the design.

【Jan.】And finally, the programming work started in Jan. At that time I checked if there were any errors in the system.

【Feb.】To ensure program’s normal operation, we had tested the program for about 2 months.

Finally, It was into the final stage of development, so we had tested the system for the commercial launch.

Who are the right people for Laurel

There are more important things than IT knowledge that as below.
・People who want to learn IT skills.
・People who have leadership skills.
・People who have communication skills.
Even if you do not have this abilities, don’t worry about it.
You can learn it through our education system!

Educational system

With the following education system, even an inexperienced learner can learn it from base of knowledge.

Inquiries and Applications

If you have any questions, please contact「Contact us form」 to inquire of us.
The Hiring new employee page will guide you through the application process.