Message from our executive

Our company has a system
that allows beginners
to become “professional IT engineers”.

Executive officer
Kondo Keisuke

“It’s stable because it’s a big company!” That era is over.
Now, more and more people are thinking that they want to learn “survival skills” even vaguely.
If you are interested in the IT industry as an option, I think that it is a good idea to aim to become a “professional IT engineer” at our company.
With the shortage of IT engineers in recent years, the demand for skilled professional IT engineers who are particular about their technical capabilities will continue to increase.

Our company has a system that allows beginners to become “professional IT engineers”.
In fact, many of the seniors who joined the company came from the liberal arts department and started without basic IT knowledge.
At the time of joining the company, there were some employees who felt resentful because they were so frustrated that they couldn’t do anything related to their work.
However, such an employee has also gained a lot of experience in the project and has grown into an excellent IT engineer that are now indispensable for our Company.
While understanding each individual’s level and characteristics, we also prepare training curriculum tailored to each individual. In addition, experienced seniors are doing their best to support beginners.
Such human relationships and good communication within the company are our charms.

But let me tell you one sober fact.
The industry is dazzling with technological innovation, constantly adopting new technologies, constantly learning, and being flexible to respond to change.
Therefore, I intend to hire only those who are willing to learn, think, and grow on their own.
Now, it has passed 50 years since our founding, we are needed a new challenge with the goal of becoming a 100-year company.
I would like to work with a person who can enjoy 『Change and Challenge』 for the future of Laurel Co., Ltd..

Thank you!