Business outline

We are developing software for telecommunications carriers and conducting SE activities for various telecommunications services.

We are engaged in systems such as communication back-end systems, mobile phone answering service, multi-person communication service and ringtone melody service.

System development We develop and provide a wide range of services, such as fixed/IP/mobile networks, and voice/video System.:System Engineering We review/suggest ways to create new services with telecommunication operators and providers. We approach the the service from a customer's point of view and make a service proposal for the customers satisfaction.
System EngineeringSystem EngineeringSystem Engineering System DevelopmentSystem DevelopmentSystem Development


we are currently developing various telecommunication systems and softwares such as next generation network, video and voice system, WiMAX, etc.

Project Participation

  • Mobile WiMax System
  • Next Generation VoIP Server System
  • Integrated Media Communications
  • Next Generation VoD Server
  • Network Gateway


  • We continue to develop utilizing the know-how of various communication systems based on our past and present experience. Therefore laurel is highly evaluated by our customers.  
  • There are a lot of opportunities to handle latest communication systems. So It is a chance to learn new technology more quickly and easily from our work.
  • All developers are entrusted with the entire developing process from customers, so we are work with pride and responsibility. Therefore we always have professional attitude at work.



We are reviewing and proposing ways to create new services to customers by integrating current and new systems.
We consider the service solution from a customer’s point of view and suggest the optimal service solution.

Project Participation

  • VoIP Server System
  • Interactive Voice Response(IVR) with mobile
  • Voice/Video Transmission Systems with mobile
  • Broad Band Server System
  • Supporting the deployment of large enterprise websites
  • ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
      Carrier’s Internal System
      financial/distribution/other systems
      Development Assistance and Maintenance


  • We approach things from a broad perspective and think faster about telecommunications services.
  • Our logical thinking and communication skills are highly evaluated by our customers.
  • We figure out our customers’ essential problems and think the problems from a customer’s point of view to propose new services for resolving the problems.
  • Most System Engineers have a experience development, so balanceable System Engineering is possible to do between the user’s position (customer) and the position (developer).