Message from our CEO

Human resources are our potential.

Company’s existence is for employees,
Company has to take them seriously.

Izumi Torao

Thank you for visiting our website. I’m Izumi, I am the CEO of Laurel Co.,ltd.
Since its establishment in 1968, we have been developing voice systems and software such as voice mail service, IVR, announcement system and such.
I was system engineer too, working on voice systems for a long time. When ordinary telephones began to spread, I had developed the system with telecommunication operators. therefore we continue to receive transactions from NEC Group, which is our largest customer today.
We have kept our value to develop new technologies for about 50 years. Flexible thinking is important for developing new technologies. To continuously innovate and develop new things together, we are looking for talented people with leadership and flexible thinking.
Professionals are always in the field. To raise professionals, I want to think much of the system development field and our employee’s potential. Using this I hope our company also grows up into a larger company.
Hiring new employees is like adding new family members. When i hire new employees, I always feel heavy responsible to take on their own lives. I value them and also want to improve and grow our business through our important new relationship.
I look forward to growing our business with you.