Personal Information Protection Policy

About Personal Information Protection Policy

Laurel has been focusing on Personal Information Protection Policy since May 2005.

 Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy

  To more strictly manage personal information handled through the system development and solutions service, we enacted privacy policy and all employees are required to strictly comply with the policy.

1. In case that company obtained personal information during the business activities, it will clarify the purpose of use in advance and whether to provide it or not, and use it appropriately within the scope of the purpose of obtaining individuals’ consent. In addition, we take measures to avoid using other than the original purpose.
2. To comply with the laws on personal information protection policy, government guidance, and other regulations concerning personal information protection, the company enacts and implements a personal information protection management system in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Management System-Requirements(JISQ 15001) of the JSA(Japanese Standards Association).
3. Company will take reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information we handle, and we will continuously review and improve the safety measures.In addition, corrective and preventive measures will be taken for the apparent and potential mismatch.
4. Company will respond promptly to any complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information.

5. Based on this personal information protection policy, we will review and improve the personal information protection management system accordingly continuously.

Enacted July 1, 2005
Revised April 3, 2007

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