Hiring new employee

Guidelines for applicants


Job type [System Engineers]
Planning internet, setting up system, planning various softwares

Designing and developing Network software and firmware
Eligibility Requirement Those who are expected to graduate in March 2025
Volume of recruitment 6
Work places Tokyo (Shinjuku-gu, Minato-gu, etc.) Kanagawa Pref. (Kawasaki-city) and Chiba Pref. (Abiko-city)
Working hours Regular working hours 9:00 to 17:30

Five-day work a week (Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays) 126 days holiday a year
Paid leave (10 days/year, maximum 20 days/year)
Long-term vacation (summer and year-end holidays)
Special leave (transfer, marriage, funeral, test, etc.)

Early-year wages 210,000 yen for graduate school graduates, 205,000 yen for university graduates, 200,000 yen for college graduates and 185,000 yen for high school graduates.
Allowance overtime pay, job allowance, housing allowance, commuting allowance (full payment), etc.
Promotion Once a year (Apr)
Bonus Twice a year (Jul./Dec.)
Health insurance welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, labor accident insurance, pension, a retirement allowance
Welfare sports facilities, gym, golf courses, health care facilities, etc.
Health insurance: ITS Kenpo.

How to apply

 Using 「Contact us form」 for inquiry
Or you can also apply to our job opportunity through below link.
マイナビ2025 リクナビ2025
(When you apply to the job opportunity through the above link, you have to apply to the position following the website rules.)
 Sending resume, transcript, Certificate of expected graduation by mail.

 Screening of documents.

 Vocational aptitude test (Please bring your pen and electronic calculator.)


 Result notification

※If you have any questions, please use 「Contact us form」 to inquire of us.