Information security


Since Jan. 2011, We have been focusing on information security to keep our assets safe and secure.

Information security policy

Basic philosophy

We actively work in the field of information security in software development of mobile communication systems and communication devices, and protecting the information assets of customers and client companies obtained through our business activities.
We always to improve our business, implementing our secure management activities based on the policy below.

basic policy

  1. Our executives and employees participate in information security activities in order to correctly manage information assets.
  2. We understand the importance of contractual security obligations and comply with business, legal or regulatory requirements.
  3. We have established and are maintaining ISMS(Information Security Management System) to ensure the trust of our customers and harmonize with strategic risk management. Therefore it operates as an intergrated management system with Environmental management System.
  4. We constantly improve our ISMS(Information Security Management System) with regards to the current trends.

Purporse of Information Security

  1. If deemed necessary in accordance with the situation action the appointed ISO manager will take prompt action.
  2. To minimize damage by security problems, we seek risk factors correctly and prevent the recurrence immediately in the information security situation.
  3. We aim to prevent fraudulent intrusion, leakage, tampering, breakage, loss, theft, unauthorized use of information assets.
4th, Jan, 2017
CEO Izumi Torao

Acquisition of certification

As of Sep. 21, 2011, we acquired JISQ 27001 certification as an integrated management system with ISO 14001 as below.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Handling of personal information