Environmental activity

Since Jan. 2004, as part of our environmental protection activities, we have been working on system development environment maintenance that reduces environmental load.

Environmental Policy

We reduce the environment load and impact in system development. 
We also consider the environmental impact of the system being used, we make eco-friendly suggestions. 

We actively and continuously reduce environmental load in energy use such as electric power. 
To reduce waste by reusing and expanding the use of recycled products, We strive to prevent environmental pollution by properly treating waste materials. We also recognize the impact on global warming and consider CO2 emissions.  
In implementing our environmental policies, we comply with environmental regulations and other agreements to build PDCA(Plan, Do,Check, Action) cycles. 
To continue to keep the policies, we provide training to the employees. 
We make this environmental policy known to everyone in the organization and open it to the public. 

1st, Apr. 2023

Laurel Co., ltd.
CEO Izumi Torao

Points of emphasis

In particular, we focus on the following matters.
  1. Reducing electric power usage
  2. Reducing wastes
  3. Reducing the risk of failure in new product development
  4. Developing products that save energy, save resources

Acquisition of certification

As of Sep. 21, 2011, we acquired JISQ 27001 certification as an integrated management system with ISO 14001 as below.
  • Applicable Standards:ISO 14001
  • Certification Scope:Supporting software development, such as mobile communication systems and telecom devices.
  • Corporate name:Laurel Co.,ltd.
  • Issuing Date:21st Sep. 2023 
  • valid Date:20th Sep. 2026
  • Certificate Number:C2023-04468